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Truth 7 years ago
IF you do not like shemales you are gay
Tyga 7 years ago
Men are better at being women lol
Jack D 7 years ago
See, this is proof! Trannies are so much sexier than real women! Ladyboys are taking over women! Come on girls... Start accepting it... Shemales are way hotter than you! Tough shit! They actually know how to suck cock, while women are sending us to sleep... Time to up your game, real women are getting boring...
Ben 7 years ago
She is hot as FUCK! And she has a cock, even better!
@robert 7 years ago
You're in denial, do you expect us to believe you just came to comment? You know you watched it and loved it.
Question 3 years ago
What type of shoes are those
Nope 7 years ago
I just cant get used to a shemale.. have fun guys.
Why? 7 years ago
How come you never see a normal guy with a dick like that? Only trannies have those weird hanging dicks that look like they detatch from their boddies. With a dick like that, pretty sure you can suck your own dick.
Cock whore 3 years ago
I'd slid my cock into her hole any day. I'd love to cum in her ass
for 'Why?' 7 years ago
Because their dicks ARE detached. There's a surgical procedure you can get to "detach" the root of the penis, causing it to hang free and look bigger.